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As we all know about Global Warming effects, and how Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. The effects that scientists had predicted in the past are now occurring and it has consequences for our resources like oceans, weather, food sources and hence our health.

Here we introduce our solution, WEARPURE.Tech; the need of the hour material innovation. It is an advanced recycled polymer integrating CO2pure; 100% natural mineral compound, with property to mineralize CO2, NOx, primary GHGS and reduce VOCs from the environment. Since the rise of 3D-Printing technology, more formally known as additive manufacturing, is game-changer for many sectors and now considered as the next revolution in industrial manufacturing.

WEARPURE.Tech is a material solution for Additive Manufacturing Industries to produce Architecture & Interior-Design elements, Furniture products as well as 3D textiles, and in general for all types of 3D-Printing applications to maximize the material ability to absorb CO2 and reduce GHGs, ameliorate the air quality we breathe and hence, reduces health problems derived from air pollutions. WEARPURE.Tech is composed of recycled polymer and CO2Pure at a final concentration of 5% of CO2Pure v/w. This material is manufactured in two forms; Filament and Pellet to be fit with FDM technology. Pellet is manufactured in 4-5 MM spherical granules then extruded using single screw extruder. The filament is produced from the pellet, controlling the section of the extrusion using filament extruder machine, filament comes in 2.85mm and 1.75mm diameter section and can be used by all 3D-Printers that are based on FDM technology.

Addressing the environmental pollution issue, the processes of chemical carbonation and photocatalysis that convert CO2, NOx and other GHGs in harmless compounds like CaCO3, FeCO3, MgCO3, NO3-, NO2
that are released back to the ground and considered as dust. These processes will remain active as long as the treated material remains exposed to the contaminated environment and becomes harmless to health. Every day there is greater awareness of the hazards of Greenhouse gases by both the citizens and the governments. By introducing WEARPURE.tech into the Additive Manufacturing Industry, we will contribute to reduce the carbon footprint emitted by the industry and improve air quality, while being part of the circular economy by being recycled, repaired and reused. Climate change is a fact and changing the horizon on how this industry contributes by polluting the air is a big milestone.

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