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According to the African Development Bank, about 10 to 12 million youths enter the workforce each year while only 3.1 million jobs are created. This lack of wage jobs pushes youths into the informal sector, estimated to account for nearly 80% of jobs in some countries. The main challenge is that once these youths are in the informal sector, it is difficult for people requiring their services to connect and recruit the right quality of talent.

To solve this problem, we developed an online talent platform that matches marginalised groups to people in need of their services, using Machine Learning and AI. This would ensure these youths have access to inclusive economic opportunities like contracts and jobs.

According to the World Economic Forum online talent platforms are reducing the costs of finding talent, they’re not only giving freelancers more work but also growing economies. McKinsey Global Institutes estimates that up to 2.7 trillion USD could be added to the global GDP by 2025.

Our platform has 3 major features namely; profile search, commute search and job search.

Through these, we are able to engage 4 major customer segments i.e contractors (freelancers), job seekers, people in need of the services of the contractors and people/companies in need of services/jobs.

Once a freelancer or job seeker signs up on our platform, their profile can be automatically matched against submitted contracts or job descriptions uploaded by individuals and/or companies. With the power of machine learning, the right quality of matches in the shortest time possible is delivered. Additionally, once one searches for available jobs, the right quality of jobs is brought up in the search result with the power of machine learning.

Our commute feature ensures that in a radius of 200 km, one can determine the time, distance and mode of transport to easily meet up with their matched contract or job provider and vice versa.

This will ensure that youths in the informal sector in Africa can conveniently have access to other economic opportunities with the right quality results in a few minutes.



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