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There are two major types of wind turbine for electricity generation, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis, each of which has its own merit and drawback. The horizontal axis wind turbine is generally considered to be a directional type that will only harness the wind from one particular direction, while the vertical axis wind turbine can make use of the wind from any direction.

Since the wind can shift its direction at any moment, especially during the late evening or at night in many parts of the world, the horizontal axis wind turbine, the most popular type of wind turbine being used around the world today, will not be operating it its full capacity, so the most practical solution is to combine both types into a single unit as per my invention that has been recently granted a Patent in Thailand ( #14345) and also as accepted by ( Re: Wind Turbine Combo, by Vic Phanumphai).

With such combination of horizontal and vertical wind turbines, at least one of each type, onto a single pole, the efficiency of the electricity generation will greatly increase, as well as cost saving on materials and labors can be achieved.  

My goal is to donate this invention to the world at large, especially to the poor countries that need all the support they can possibly get. Even without winning anything from your organization, I will continue to try pushing it to let them know that this invention is surely worth a try.




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