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WINDBUOYY AG has developed technology for producing 100% clean renewable energy, by means of floating wind turbines system and digitalisation of power trading via blockchain.

Presently about 40% of the world's population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast. Demand for electricity-thirsty projects like water desalination and electrification of transport is surging and the push for replacing fossil fuels with renewables is due to Climate Change. The conclusion is to focus on renewable from the sea, where 70% of planet earth is covered by water and there is plenty of clean energies in form of Wind Power yet to harvest.

There is however shortage of enabling technologies for harvesting this electricity from Wind Power in seas. Wind Energy is strong and constant in the sea, because there is no obstacle. There is unlimited surface of oceans with no restrictions due to planning rules, visual or environmental objections or land cost.

Energy produced in the sea will be transported to land via subsea underwater cabling. Subsea cabling is a developed and well established technology.

The main challenge is to stabilise wind turbines on the sea without foundation, where waters are deep wind turbines must be floating.

That is exactly the solution provided by WINDBUOYY. Our core product is its enabling technology for development of offshore floating wind. The Prototype was developed in Technical University of Berlin.

Windbuoyy is different from other floating wind turbine solutions which are mainly developed by Oil and Gas companies. While others in the offshore wind industry has focused on substructure foundation design to make turbine function in sea, WINDBUOYY developed a radical solution of Self-Stabilizing-Rotor that keeps the truly floating offshore wind system operational anywhere in rough seas.

Our technology-based business model permits exponential growth for WINDBUOYY and we aim to be ready for Expo2020.



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