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The small holder rural farmer is one who cultivates between 1 acre to a maximum of 50 Hectares, who has limited information to new and improved farm techniques as well as little or no access to credit to improve and increase production output How do we empower our farmers? Leveraging on technology using our web platform and mobile application we use the crowd funding approach to raise funds from the general public setting a percentage return after harvest (ROI) as an incentive to drive interest from farm sponsors. On average, our product/service enables the farmer increase productivity by 40%, in addition, reduce his/he post-harvest loss by providing a ready access to market as we link them up with ready off takers to dispose off their output Upon receipt of funds, we work in close relationship with research institutions as well as fertilizers and seed producers/dealers, the former whom we bring on board to educate the farmers on new and improved ways in the cultivation process and the latter whom we purchase farm inputs from to offer to the now educated farmers as a form of credit.



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