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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are often called silent killers because heart attacks and strokes are a common first warning sign of an underlying diseases. It's prevalence is estimated to be about 20 million in the African regions, 82% are in low and mid income countries. People with Cardiovascular diseases or who are at high Cardiovascular risk need early detection and management using counseling and medicine, as appropriate. 

 After I found that many pregnant women and old people are suffering from heart related diseases (Cardiovascular diseases, CVS). Many of these people are poor and based in rural and remote areas. Health facilities that based in rural areas they don't have a diagnostic tools and professional physicians to help these people. In Malawi we only have three (3) Cardiologists and very few physicians so people have to travel very long distances, spend a lot of money for transportation, spend more time in queues to wait for a doctor to examine them and old people find it very difficult to keep visiting doctors that result to medication dropouts and many die due to the boring and tired on process.

After find out all of these problems I came up with a solution that can impact all communities and whole nation. I designed an Integrated Health Measuring and Monitoring system (IHMMS). It's a low cost and low power consuming Biomedical device that work exactly as ECG machine, my ECG device is integrated with digital Stethoscope and body temperature sensor to collect all necessary Health information from a patient. ECG machines are very expensive and they are bulky so Health facilities they don't afford them, in Malawi we only have very few of them in private hospitals. We're designing these devices locally in Malawi, only the printed circuit board (PCB) that will be designed from China or South Africa, IHMMS is built with different appropriate noninvasive sensors to detect vital organs signals from body of a patient on different body parameters. This device works same as convention ECGs and it will come in a kit that will contain solar panels charger to charge the device because it uses a rechargeable battery that means that it can be used in a community without electricity. So there is no limit of the regions or community, they can be used in anywhere in the world.

IHMMS is built with wireless technology that enables a cardiologist or physicians to diagnose a patients from any part of the nation. After a nurse or a medical personal done examination on a patient the health information of a patient will be transferred from a portable device, our IHMMS to a mobile phone then nurse will send all the information to a cardiologist or physician anywhere in the world for further analysis. Doctors will diagnosis a patient from the data given using mobile application with assistance of AI, then results will be sent back to a rural health facility for medication if necessary!. 

By developing this whole system locally in Malawi to design a complete system to suit our setting will make the whole system accessible, affordable and dependable. We will put these devices in any rural and remote area based health facilities in Malawi. Patients or any user will pay nothing for the service of heart examination so that all pregnant women can go for heart check any time in their close Health facility. If these women together with doctors can follow up the health of these women and unborn baby will help a lot to save lives that lost due to poor health of pregnant women during giving birth of sometimes heart attack or sometimes they may end up unplanned pregnancies abortion. 

Only hospitals or clinics or any health facility will pay little for the this devices and professional Cardiologist will pay for advanced special services, these will be our source of income that can help us for product manufacturing and system repairing because we will be repairing them ourselves for free but the some amount of money will be needed for Electronics components.

I hope this solution will solve many almost all problems that I mentioned above. It's my passion to develop more health care solutions for my nation.



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