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WiseSensing is an autonomous device for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).The disruptive novelty consists in being solely powered by ambient energy: it converts vibrations, through proprietary nonlinear technology and integrates solar cells to harvest sunlight.WiseSensing is conceived as an autonomous, zero-maintenance sensing system that can be both integrated into new structures and mounted on structures already under operation. Wisepower principal interest is R&D and our field of expertise is the realisation of autonomous portable devices which exploit energy harvesting as the powering strategy, removing the batteries or extending their duration. In this field, we have already realised two fully autonomous commercial products:HAT, for automotive monitoring application, and BLUEBadge, a novel Bluetooth beaconing low-energy identification badge that is being marketed in the US. Moreover, Wisepower recently applied its know-how to SHM by developing sensors network to monitor highway viaducts in collaboration with ANAS and power transmission lines with Terna spa. Therefore, our company has a recognised ability to exploit environmental energy in order to power IoT technologies applied to human and vehicle motion, and machine and structure monitoring. By interpreting and assuming the relevant challenges World is facing, Wisepower is creating a greening business that expands the current IoT borders, reduces impact on the environment and uses natural resources more efficiently and responsibly. WiseSensing is a wireless autonomous product, including both hardware and software, which overcomes the state of the art of wireless sensors networks for SHM by removing the need of cables and by making the system suitable for continuous monitoring with energetic autonomy. Being battery-less, WiseSensing is a durable and reliable solution, that does not need periodic maintenance.

The acceleration signal acquired by the sensors is treated in order to obtain a mathematical reconstruction of the vibrational modes of the blade. A continuous monitoring of these modes allows to localize the damage and gives a reasonable estimation of its severity. This method is already in use for SHM of bridges, and it is known to be very reliable, given the correct placement of the sensors.

The innovative part of the vibration sensor is in powering technology. The micro-generator is designed according to the most advanced energy harvesting technology that is part of Wisepower IP. The non-linear vibration harvesting technology developed at the University of Perugia and patented by us exploits piezoelectric material to convert random motion into usable electrical energy and provides a significant advantage if compared to standard linear harvesting technologies.



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