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Wocman Technology is an online platform enabled by a mobile phone and just a tab, connects homeowners, corporate offices and individuals to the nearest tradesmen, freelance construction professionals and local household repairable suppliers to provide hassle-free help in executing construction, repairs and domestic works by submitting free work request on the WOCMAN web app, works such as survey plan generation, architectural design, interior home design, home restructuring, carpentry, plumbing, welding, electrical repairs and installations, generator repairs, painting, gardening, tiling, housekeeping, pedicure, make-up, tailoring, cleaning and so on. WOCMAN generates timely quote for custom works e.g. home restructuring, while it also gives avenue for customers to submit free work request with additional 4 snapshots of works to be done. Wocman app has already listed price for some fast works e.g. make-up, pedicure, cleaning, hair making and so much more and upon payment confirmation, WOCMAN immediately connect such customer real-time to the nearest workman to get the work done in a timely and professional manner. WOCMAN does not only help to get works done it also create access for semi-skilled personnel and professionals to include young girls and women in my community to earn using their skills, WOCMAN creates a community work force with a shared prosperity through work-partner initiative which gives avenue for workmen to choose their time of work themselves and earn 85% of all works executed, while WOCMAN generates feedback from ratings of our WOCMAN-pros to improve our services and to bring more satisfaction to our various customers.



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