Women economic justice banana project

About Solution

We buy raw bananas, we peel them, weigh, package them & keep in cold boxes & fridges, ready transportation to city & towns supermarkets.

We therefore create employment to women involved in this innovation project, ranging from buying unpeeled to selling of peeled bananas.

We also increase in accumulation of banana peel wastes which are used for mulching for manure & stop soil erosion to animal feeds like goats , pigs, sheep & cows.

We also add value to bananas & this motivates banana farmers of available market at good price.

Reduced banana wastes in city & towns has reduced blockage of trenches & water channels thus reducing floods in such areas

There is reduced infections due to banana wastes which rot and attract rodents & flies that transmit infections like cholera, shigellosis & typhoid.

The is also saving time in peeling of bananas. Some people waste time in peeling & end up eating late, miss other activities like breastfeeding babies, watching national news, and other home activities. Also saves time to was away glue like banana dirt.

Saves resources, like money to waste collectors , waste disposal & money to buy detergent to was away banana wastes, and dirt

We also make bananas accessible and available to almost all supermarkets to our customers. This saves transport cost to go market to buy unpeeled bananas. This is ideal & rational to very busy customers who prefer one stop centre ( supermarkets)

We also increase on livelihood of women with steady source of income as this is a continuous venture for those in it. This reduces sexual & gender based violence in long run.

We also provide financial security to our workers through save as we earn (NSSF) we contribute10% as the project to employee & 5% by the employee making a total of 15% saved as employees benefit when she retires or quite our project.

We also provide job security to our employees as we give them contracts, hence can easily access finance from financial institutions. We also recommend them for loans if so desired. This makes women to access finance with Justice.

We also help our customers to carry weighed bananas to avoid disturbances at airports as the weight of luggage is limited to passengers.

We also remove extra cost in hotels who are employ workers to peel bananas only. This saves money to hotel owners and thus attracting them to buy peeled bananas ready for cooking.

We sell in kilograms, no cheating.



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