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In this project several steps will be carried out such as providing education about women; women's rights and obligations in daily life and in the household. This is intended to reduce inequality of thinking in the household with their partners. This activity will be filled by competent people such as those from the women's and children's services, and the ministry of religion in East Java Province.

The second program is carried out by providing training on managing small businesses in order to women can be economically independent so that the family's economy improves and women do not depend on their partners. Training is carried out starting from how to make food products, moslem fashion, modern agriculture, packaging and marketing through digital technology. In addition to training, the project will also provide fixed capital such as stoves, pans and freezers, sewing machines, mushroom making tools, packaging equipment and making accounts in an online shop.

This project will be carried out in the area of ​​East Java province with 4 selected districts namely, Kediri, Nganjuk, Ponorogo, Tulungagung and Blitar. This is based on the number of cases



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