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In this information age, knowledge is the sure way to planetary liberation, global development and sustainability.

The emergence of ①WORLD, a mobile app will provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. 

①WORLD mobile app provides public education on critical issues affecting the planet while the estimated billion users surf the app for their personal interests. 

It is a united global app with 3 sections: World Search Section, World Connect, and ①WORLD Section.

The World Search section consists of at least 10, of the world best search engines and Meta search engines. World Connect section has several excellent social media & business platforms. 

①WORLD Section is an educational section with massive amount of information on the SDGs, among several others to improve environmental literacy, including Peace & Justice. "Legal Help" subsection offers everyday people increase access to reliable and cost-effective legal support.

“Peace & Justice” promotion Ads (banners, interstitials or short videos) will be timely, efficiently and strategically incorporated in the app in a way not to affect user-experience. 

One amazing feature of ①WORLD mobile app is its voice-recognition function for easy navigation to the page a user wants in seconds. Its inbuilt VPN and country-specific features, together with excellently efficient cyber-security functions is worth noting. 

Other unique investments and partnerships with other 3-"Peace & Justice” impactful global companies; Roshni Rides, NanoHealth and IMPCT,  among several others will help in making a universal tremendous positive impact on Peace and Justice Globally.

The company,  Roshni Rides, develops  a rickshaw-based shuttle network for refugees camps, to spread economic opportunity to groups disenfranchised by their location and a lack of other transport options.

 Roshni Rides recruits under-employed rickshaw drivers to service fixed routes.

It cuts the cost of conventional rickshaw journeys by filling vehicles with more than one passenger and employing drivers on its own terms. The rickshaws effectively become minibuses, serving designated A to B lines.

NanoHealth is a social enterprise that focuses on managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension in Indian urban slums, refugee camps and low income communities.

Early Refugee Childhood Education: IMPCT develops PlayCare, a micro-equity platform, where everyone can invest in sustainable education businesses under a profit-sharing-model. 

Amazingly, only 5% to 10% of the seed capital could make all these happen according to our financial projections. Imagine what 100% will do. 


Winning the full Seed Capital of USD$250,000 will surely make our scalable, affordable and sustainable new social enterprise a reality.



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