World's Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS)

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With 50 million tonnes of waste per year in Australia and 500 Billion USD lost annually lost globally (annually) due to underutilisation and lack of recycling, the world needs better solutions for waste and we are innovating to provide these. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation “45% of emissions comes from producing the cars, clothes, food, and other products we use every day. These cannot be overlooked. The circular economy can contribute to completing the picture of emissions reduction by transforming the way we make and use products.”

World’s Biggest Garage Sale’s key driver is to rescue landfill, recover waste to reduce the environmental footprint that production and consumption of household and business goods and items have on the environment and to educate the community about sustainable consumption and production. Through all of our activities we practice social responsibility in our community by donating proceeds from our events to charity partners to uplift and empower the most vulnerable people in our community.

We’ve successfully executed on large-scale World’s Biggest Garage Sales activating dormant products and mobilising the community at scale around sustainable consumption. We work with local communities to facilitate a World’s Biggest Garage Sale. That local community donates and sells dormant goods otherwise destined for landfill, creating a new economy from waste and second-hand goods. A percentage of profits is invested back into that local community’s chosen Charity.

Next we hold various WBGS Pop-up shops throughout the year to repurpose dead inventory, obsolete or dormant goods, divert them from landfill and make profit for purpose. We’ve seen that consumers are ready for the circular economy in mainstream retail, with Brisbane’s first circular economy popup shop in the city’s CBD, that brought together luxury quality shoes at accessible prices with sustainable principles. With high growth projected in the resale apparel market, innovative and agile solutions such as circular economy popups placed within traditional retail settings can help reduce waste, accelerate our transition to a circular economy and change consumer mindsets regarding sustainable shopping options.

Finally we work host monthly Circular Economy Futures (CEF) meetup events where we provide education, connection and awareness around the Circular Economy in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia. From this we are sharing and learning together and creating connections to further enhance the circular economy, closing the gap, ensure resources are well utilised and used more efficiently, thereby ultimately reducing CO2 emissions.



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