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Farmer's BlockChain based platform for funding, insuring and certifying production.


We are creating an Integrated solution that leverage on different collaborative economy technologies in order to empower farmers and the consumers.

We provide financial inclusion with the transparency of BlockChain, creating a transactionshistory that provides auditing capabilities and credit analysis for financial and banking institutions, allowing farmer's all over the world to finance their working capital and develop.

We promote and make it make more accessiblea variety of agriculture coverages, reducing the prime cost using smart-contracts with parametric technologies (satellites, IOT, others).

We promoting sustainability differentiation, added value generation, and new markets development, with our accessible, decentralized and transparent production certification system, which uses the evidence recorded in the BlockChain (Raw materials, processes, soil analysis others), to determine if a product is elected for a determined certification (Organic, biodinamic, Natural, other), and a printable QR code, may be added to packagingin order for customers to validate the information

Problems targeted:

Farmers are Financially Sub-Serviced:Less than 16% of SMEs in the sector have credit coverage (IDB, 2017), and less than 0.04 %/GDP is insured (WB, 2017).Unsatisfied global financial need of 450B USD/year (FAO, 2017)Added value and sustainability:Production certification is a difficult and costly process controlled by centralized institutions/organizations. An even once certified, you get caught with revenue share schemes in the use of logos/branding, and re-certification fees.Most farmers and SMEs do not employ sustainable production practices because it is not perceived by the market and it is not paid accordingly.

How are we addressing the challenge:

We empower farmers and consumers with the sharing economy technologies and business models, making the food supply chain more sustainable and efficient, from farm to fork. And we rely on the transparency and security of BlockChain in order to build trust and scoring systems trough the food production chain, providing also traceability and product certification services that foments sustainable practices and perceived added market's value.

Target market:

INDEPENDENT FARMERS AND NOT INCORPORATED FARMING GROUPS: Non Banked and Sub Banked, seeking support of financial services to achieve development and progress. DRIVERS: Financing working capital with affordable rates, increase selling price.AGRIBUSINESS COOPERATIVES AND SMES: Sub-Banking companies that seek to develop, incorporate sustainable production practices, promote and generate more added value in their production. DRIVERS: Finance the incorporation of technologies, increase margins, ensure their production, increase market's perceived added value, develop new markets.



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