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Xabindza is a biotech company offering circular economy solution for organic waste management and producing protein feed for poultry, fishery and livestock as well as organic fertilizer. In Mozambique there are over 2.5mln small and medium poultry farmers, who often are the breadwinners of their own family. Despite poultry being the most affordable and available source of protein in the Country, the industry is still inefficient due to its dependence on import of feed raw materials, particularly fishmeal and soybean, causing producers to face high production costs and tight margins.

Additionally, there are only a few solutions available in the country for organic waste management and processing for urban as well as industrial waste. Currently, many municipalities and companies stock-pile it in landfills or simply burn it.

The main feed producers in the Country also own slaughterhouses, whose waste is burnt on a daily bases, as it would be too expensive to build a processing unit to treat it into nutritional feed components, as done in developed economies.

Xabindza is committed to sustainable inclusive development, therefore offering a solution for each afformentioned segments, providing them the know-how on waste management and bioprocessing through BSF larvae to produce value-added products. 

Our business provides African farmers with an innovative and sustainable system for organic waste management and feed cost management, allowing them to

autonomously produce their feed supplements, shortening the monogastric animal life cycle, reducing production costs and obtaining natural fertilizer as a by-product.The bioconversion of production and slaughterhouse residuals, as well as any other organic waste available, consists of feeding this waste to BSF larvae. These are reared in flexible modular units uniquely designed to suit the scale and needs of the customer in an African context. These units guarantee a controlled environment to manage and maximize BSF productivity. Our product portfolio includes: Starter kit for waste management and feed production, including 3 years technical assistance, designed for small to big livestock producers; Eggs of BSF larvae with the ability to process waste generated in costumerʼs production units. This can be either vegetable or animal-based substrate; Modular units inclusive of waste management fly reproduction house and laboratory for protein processing adaptable to the needs and size of industrial-scale feed or beer producers; Protein-rich feed supplement easily digestible increases animal performances and production cycle a year;

Natural compost for fertilizer: nutrient-rich, easy to use, safe for the environment, increasing yields for farmers;

On-site waste management service  



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