Xeru Rural Supply Chain

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we have a revolutionary user-interface driven smart-contracts blockchain platform that enables you to create and integrate workflows on the fly based on microservices and persist all workflows on the blockchain. It accelerates all your integration solutions to hours/days instead of months to years as it is all runtime configurable by business analysts. Specifically in this case we aim at end to end enabling small farmers and miners who produce raw materials for any other upstream industry to participate in supply-chain ecosystems via blockchain smart contracts enabled iot infrastructure. By enabling from the source, be it a mine or a plantation to "tag" products, bags or containers of products with NFC Tags which in turn are connected in a low-cost iot mesh that connects into an iot gateway and then broadcasts into a blockchain infrastructure governed by smart contract business processes we enable small farmers or mon & pop shops or small miners to onboard their products in larger supply chain ecosystems and the same time prove if they need to prove certain traits or qualities of their products, asset track them throughout storage, warehouses, distribution, logistics, manufacturing up until it reaches retailers and consumers. All that is enabled by the xeru iot smart contracts blockchain platform. 



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