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The project is an e-learning platform, an interactive learning system that provides the learner with information and communication technologies. It relies on an integrated digital electronic environment that presents courses by electronic networks, provides guidance and organization of tests, manages , evaluates resources and processes.The importance of

 E-learning in solving the problem of knowledge and the increasing demand for education and expand the opportunities for admission to education, in addition to enabling the training and education of employees without leaving their work and contribute to breaking the psychological barriers between teacher and learner as well as satisfying the needs and characteristics of the learner while raising the return on investment by reducing Cost of education.

This educational platform aims at rural and poor areas, which will contribute to the integration of rural and poor families of males and females in the process of technological and digital education.

As you know E-learning is one of the means support the educational process and transform it from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of creativity, interaction and skills development, it combines all forms of electronic learning and learning, using the latest methods in the fields of education, publishing and entertainment by the adoption of computers and storage media and networks. Rapid technical transfers have led to the emergence of new patterns of learning and education, which have further entrenched the concept of individual or self-education. The learner follows his learning according to his ability, ability and speed of learning and according to his previous experience and skills. E-learning is one of these evolving patterns of so-called distance learning in general, and computer-based learning in particular. Where e-learning relies primarily on computers and networks to transfer knowledge and skills. Its applications include web learning, computer learning, virtual classroom, educational platforms and digital collaboration. The content of the lessons is provided online, audio and video tapes and CDs.



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