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Information provision: Our web portal and e-hub were designed to provide reliable market and agricultural information on especially climate smart agriculture, weather, pest and disease and input provision, among others to our clients.

Market and Linkages: One of the major problems of farmers in Nigeria is where, how and when obtain accurate and timely market information and acquire reliable and affordable inputs.

Accessibility: Distance between rural farmers and agro-dealers constitute a major problem in Nigeria. Our target is to have e-hubs accessible to local farmers within 20km of their locations and provide a local agent managing the e-hub and attend farmers’ needs.

Input Provision: Farmers buy inputs at roadsides or used aging seeds, that reduce output. Our e-hubs will be equipped with high-yielding and safe seeds from certified and recognized seed producers.

Farm services: The e-hubs will ensure that farmers carry out their farming activities correctly timely. This will be achieved by linking farmers to reputable, competent and efficient farm services providers whose will register with us as providers.

Diverse participants: The vulnerable especially women, youth and people with disabilities (PWDs) will be encouraged to invest on our platform farm services for profit making,Collaboration:Robust collaboration with relevant bodies such as government, private organizations, research institutes, service providers, NGOs, and farmers’ organization for the training and capacity building of vulnerable farmers, we also participate in group management and creation.



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