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Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. The problem that needs to be solved is why do we as a civilization waste so much? Consumerism is destroying our planet. Our solution is to repurpose, recycle, & upcycle on a global scale. aims to connect people and communities globally to encourage the reuse, rather than disposal of unwanted items. The solution is to connect people online and/or through an app to share classified posts of items destined for the landfill, which in turn will reduce the negative effect that waste has on climate change. The website allows people to post pictures of items they want to get rid of... to donate to anyone who could find it useful. People who view the post can arrange to come pick up the donated item, a sofa for example. Alternatively, people could create posts for items they're looking for and are willing to come pick up. Charities, second hand stores, governments could even use the service. The condition is that no money is allowed to change hands. It's yours for free, as long as you come pick it up! Very much like Uber, Air BnB and other peer-to-peer technologies, facilitates connections between individuals anywhere and at anytime (ubiquitous). As an online classified service, the niche concept inherent in revolves around promoting the "Upcycling", "Reuse" and "Recycling" of unwanted items rather than discarding them in the landfill.



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