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most of the youth in rural areas are unemployed. some have dropped out of school and others failed to find jobs after school. These youth however are very energetic as opposed to the older people that are currently dominating the agricultural sector. unfortunately, some of these youth are not motivated to engage in agriculture because of the various limitation such as access to land, required skills, agricultural inputs, access to market, mentor-ship and finances. 

We intend to bring about rural transformation and zero hunger by equipping these youth with the necessary requirements to enable them fully engage in agriculture  for production of high yields.

First, we intend to organize meetings where the youth shall be informed about the benefits of agriculture and encouraged to join the Action. we shall then act as middle men to acquire land for the youth who sign up for this by renting land from the well off people in the rural areas with vast acres of land. We shall be fully accountable for this land.

Next we intend to provide the required skills to these youth by hiring agricultural specialists who will train them. 

For high high yields its important that high quality inputs be used such as seeds and these are rarely used in rural areas. We intend to carry out carry out research and acquire high quality inputs which shall be provided to these youth. 

More so, we intend to employ soil testing techniques to know what fertilizers to apply and what crops grow best in the different places.

To further ensure better management, we intend to design a software application that will be a guide in the day to day activities such timely application of the different agricultural inputs and record keeping.

After the harvest we shall be buying the whole produce from the different youth groups which shall then be taken to the different markets that we shall be in touch with. The surplus will be taken by the youth to their homes.

By providing all the necessary requirements, these youth shall fully engage in the day to day activities of tending the gardens while being supervised to ensure high production. Practices such as irrigation,  growing of different crops and food preservation shall be employed to ensure all year round availability of food.

This will eventually transform rural areas and eradicate hunger. 





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