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Our Establishment came into existence after realizing that Africa is challenged with many health issues yet we have many food resources. Africa is one of the key exporters of food substances while at the same time its people suffer from hunger, nutritional deficiency threatening continental food security.The current prevalence rate is at 39.4% and is considered to be the highest in the World. This affects continental health particularly growth in children, and nutrition of many young and women.

According to the World Health Organisation, Africa needs to prioritize appropriate nutrition interventions in order to address and improve the continental nutrition target for both women, infant and young child nutrition. This is only possible through improved engagement in agribusiness value and supply chain.

African is the second largest continent with the population density of 1.2 Billion people. By 2050, its population is expected to double. More than 200 million eating fishery products daily and is expected that consuming population will rise by 57% by 2030. Globally, there is a shift in dietary requirement of animal protein and many people are converting to Pescatarians. The expected population growth will increase fish demand posing a threat to food security and protein deficiency if not prioritized.

Thus in January 2019, Zadeva was founded. Our start-up is 100% youthful and female founded company based in Namibia. We aim is to tackle malnutrition and improve health status and combat hunger in Africa by supplying high protein based foodstuff both locally and the rest of Africa. Considering that Namibia is blessed economic resource, as company we capitalized on these resourced and focus our business on aggregating, distribution and processing fish and shellfish products. Our motivation is produce both affordable and high premium products with a nutritional value. Our main products are canned, dried, frozen and smoked fish and oysters. Some of our products infused with Africa exotic plants and herbs just to keep it closer to the culture and connect.



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