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Biomimickry is smart innovation that is inspired by nature. Thus influence of the design came from mimicking pine cone structure and function by taking humidity from the air turning it into water through solar panels creating the first and only sustainable solar hub. Once the humid air has turned into water it is collected automatically into a tank that is located in the middle of the solar hub and can be used for agriculture and greenery purposes mainly, but also as drinking water after basic filtering. 

The sustainable zero waste design concept, aims of doing the most with the least means. The goal of the design is ideally using passive and sustainable energy. Aesthetically pleasing architectural structure that saves energy and ground water use which is limited. Zayed Green Hub, produces 400 Liters of clean water per day. The aim of the design is to increase agriculture and greenery while decreasing UAE´s temperature by four to six degrees by 2050. The twenty first century solar hub is to compact the solar panels so that it will not take space instead use the space in a sustainable way for farming, residential use and watering greenery in future smart cities.

In conclusion, the main concept of Zayed Green Hub is designed for future smart cities that has many useful components suitable for hot and humid climates. This design will help smart sustainable cities to function more sustainably by saving space effectively and smartly whether to grow organic fruits and vegetables that is produced in the UAE or to water green areas without bringing water from long distances by vehicles that uses gas to transfer water to more secluded areas. Zayed Green Hub can also serve metropolitan cities as urban greenery water collector near every green space and inside every parks to water the plants economically. Lastly, this design can also be useful in third world countries that has limited clean water and green space. Zayed Green Hub functions for the benefit of people such as homeland farming that creates jobs and a more socialized green city while teaching the future generations to bond effectively with nature using nature´s elements to avert future problems.

Thank you for giving the opportunity to introduce this one of a kind invention 

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