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Ze Garden is an automated ecosystem allowing anyone to grow plants, vegetables, fruits, plants, etc.

Our connected garden is suitable for both businesses and individuals.

Ze Garden adapts to users by controlling the perfect amount of light, air and nutrients creating a set of optimal conditions to allow your plants to fully express their natural taste, using a minimum of natural resources.

Ze Garden is a simple, economical solution for urban agriculture accessible to all, using 40% less water, 30% of electricity and 70% fewer nutrients, for four times more yield than other connected gardens.

We offer a solution accessible to the masses for sustainable vegetables growing with a lesser carbon footprint, than traditionally grown crops.

We want to provide a solution to reduce food loss.

To do so are working with Dalkia in France to equip their office with Ze Garden allowing them to reduce their aromatic herb loss of 4k€/year.

Growing locally is not only a sustainable way to produce food, but it's also today a political statement in favour of climate change.

Growing 1kg of fresh produce locally is the equivalent of removing 2Kg of Co2 because of the supply chain.

Thanks to our revolutionary ultraponic system, we can grow seasonal plant all year round, offering a solution to produce exotic plant in the comfort of your kitchen.

Our goal is to help reduce the consumption of vegetable grown a thousand miles away, making each ze garden crop a drop in the bucket of stopping climate change.

We have developed an in house LED module allowing us to work on different plant reproducing all the spectrum needed for the different phase of a plant to grow tasty and healthy food.

Our Model is based on the controller allowing us different form factor to different scenario ( Company, school, home etc.)

We want to be a step ahead of a future crisis and offer a simple yet powerful solution to the masses.

Using less transportation, less space than traditional farming, less water and less chemical, Ze garden is the new farming revolution accessible to all.

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