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Zeigo is helping to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, thereby empowering communities to use existing natural resources (wind & solar). Global demand for energy is rising with the increase of electric vehicles and growing use of smart devices. Not to mention that the data used to fuel our devices is damaging the environment at a pace that rivals the airline industry.

Based on years of experience in the renewable energy market, we know how complex it can be for corporate energy buyers to contract Renewable Energy. But we also know that it doesn’t have to be this way, that’s why we created Zeigo. Zeigo is an AI-powered global marketplace that connects corporates to renewable energy projects. We use technology to advance the accessibility to clean energy. Name it A.I, advance search algorithms or bespoke market tools, Zeigo provides a simplified approach to renewable energy. This is how we help companies meet global net-zero goals, leaving complexity behind.

Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) could help unlock a significant renewable pipeline by allowing project developers access to finance. Power purchase agreements allow corporates to purchase green energy directly from solar or wind farms. As government subsidies decrease over time, this will become more and more crucial to accelerate the development of Renewable Energy projects.

However, smaller companies are often unable to get the same access to Renewable Energy because their demand does not match the output of the generator. They might be able to use anywhere from 5%
20% of a solar or wind farm’s output. Each company has unique needs in terms of electricity demand, duration and appetite for risk. Zeigo’s goal is to become the platform that facilitates the aggregation of Renewable Energy demand from SMEs with a view to optimizing them through a PPA.



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