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Zelij Invent is a green tech solution that transforms plastic waste into sustainable, eco-friendly paving blocks and traditional floor tiles. Zelij is developing innovative construction materials using 80 percent plastic waste and eco-friendly materials to produce 100 percent sustainable products.

Morocco produces more than 550,000 tons of plastic a year, and only 12 percent of that is recycled, which translates into wastage worth $1.2 billion. Zelij's innovative production method not only replaces cement with plastic waste, it also circumvents the energy-intensive process of recycling plastic.

Zelij, which means “little polished stone” in Arabic, embodies the essence of an Islamic art from that dates back to the 14th century. One of our core values is to partner with local artisans to preserve the age-old heritage of Moroccan architecture, and to foster responsible business that drives social and environmental progress.



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