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Cyclical famines, illnesses linked to malnutrition, waste scattered from households and slaughterhouse, waste of food in families in cities, lack of mastery of good food hygiene practices; these are the big problems facing our Burundian community but also on a global scale, which we are trying to provide a solution.

Our solution consist of increasing agricultural production,raise awareness, promote the food industry and strengthen waste management in cities.

It addresses the challenge of hunger when the Organisation, by doubling or even tripling the agricultural operation that it does, will increase chances of producing what is enough for local cities and progress gradually with the evolution of activities to other localities and countries.But also, the Organisation plan to instill knowledge of farming practices in rural population as most of them, 80% are not trained in farming practices so that they participate to produce sufficient food for their families, as 90% of burundian population live by farming and in rural area and it is this great portion of population who supply cities in food.In cities we give training to population regarding products which don't require more techniques such us mushroom cultivation.

57% of children and a large portion of breastfeed women are suffering from malnutrition.If we get chances we will increase our soybean, and mushroom production and other products to participate in reducing this rate, not only for children but for all who suffer from malnutrition.In the same vein, we will set up a expert committee responsible for raising awareness of urban population in terms of food discipline and in terms of good hygiene practices.

Finally we will set up a waste recovery system so as to reuse them.We plan to set up a waste treatment industry, whether those of agriculture in green manure production and mushroom production, and those from households and slaughterhouse in methane, all this in order to insure the food security and against diseases linked to the lack of hygiene.



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