Zero post-harvest loss

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In order to fight post-harvest loss and improve the living conditions of the peasants, I think that if we manage to install cold rooms and cold mobile cabins, kilns or ovens powered by solar energy in farms or villages, harvests will be kept when there is overproduction. From there, the farmers will be able to sell their products during the lean season and at the best price.

  To install this, we need standalone solar kits, solar freezer and refrigerator, cold kits, solar heating and drying kits. On the other hand, if a farmer retains his products, he will benefit twice as much from his price after two or three months of the harvest. This is a very interesting project that will allow Third World countries to benefit from the 90% of their products after harvest. Because we are seeing the post-harvest loss because of the lack of the cold chain and adequate conservation techniques. On those, we need a total cost of $ 45,000, the period of implementation of this project will only last one month at most if funding is available. I have this project for five years. I chose the autonomous solar system because most rural areas are off-grid electrical infrastructure, so solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly.



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