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First of all, our main objective is to confront the communicable diseases in urban areas. So, we have to look what are the main culprit of this and how to solve this. Waste disposal is one of the main culprits throughout the world but in developing country it is in the worst situation.

So, I would like to propose to create an app for smartphone. Now what will it do:

1.       In a certain area, it will calculate how much waste is here (around 10/20-meter radius), what types of waste and how many days the waste is here.

Reward to people: We can install Vending Machines popular locations like shopping malls, institutions and public spaces, and every time someone deposits a plastic bottle or the caps, they receive restaurant coupons, movie tickets or simply shopping discount. 

We all know about hanging garden and using this concept we can hang plastic bottle in front of the building to plant small trees.

Now, we have to think about slums. Most of the time we consider they are unproductive, criminal, indecent, unclean and burden of the society. What if we turn the slum into a catalyst for the economy rather than burden.

Another thing I would like to propose, we can make some public places. What are they for:

1.       These places will have some buildings and they are for emergency

2.       These places will have to be designed in such a way that they show the reflection of the city

3.       There should be some group who will install some project like if someone plants 100 tree, he/she will be rewarded or those area will be named after him/her.

4.       Those group also work for pure drinking water and sanitation

Last of all for achieving sustainability we have to focus on zero waste city and make a green city.



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