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Ziimart is an investment and marketing firm working to commercialize agriculture in Africa. We organize rural small holder farmers into investments that target the urban working class as investors while being mutually beneficial to the farmers; providing them access to capital, training and modern farming technology. By investing in the farmers, Ziimart is making use of the growing middle class in Uganda while stimulating small holder economies. Investors invest buy selecting and paying for and investments of their choice from the list of investment options on our platform. Our trained group of small holder farmers do the farming on their behalf on their farms along with their own produce while being paid labor and rent. At harvest all the produce is sold by Ziimart, farmer is paid their share and investors paid their share. For every investment, we charge a commission on the profit paid to the investor at maturity of the investment and 10% of the commission is reinvested in training and facilitating farmers to grow their farms to commercially invest-able schemes. The farmers are ultimately listed as an investment option and can receive investment capital from our pool of investors on the platform.



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